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Narva Keskraamatukogus 5. märtsil 2019 avati näitus
23. aprill on raamatu ja autoriõiguste päev ning raamatu ja roosi päev
Loeme Lugemiskoeraga
Saksa Saatkond Tallinnas kutsub Teid - koos Narva Keskraamatukogu ja VitaTiimiga - esimesele filmiõhtule Narvas!

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American Club

American Club 2013-2014 Program (PDF)

Season 2019: 16.01, 30.01, 20.02, 06.03, 20.03, 03.04, 17.04, 08.05;
Season 2018: 10.01, 24.01, 07.02, 21.02; 14.03, 11.04, 25.04, 02.05;
Season 2017: 11.01, 25.01, 08.02, 22.02, 15.03, 29.03, 5.04, 19.04, 03.05;

AMERICAN CLUB 2018 - 2019


26.09.2018 Ice-breaker (conversational game): ’Nice to meet you!’ Question words. Conversational game: 'What do you do? What do you like?’( asking and answering questions). Grammar: Past Simple of be: was, were. Conversational game: ’The memory game’.
Everyday activities vocabulary.
Grammar: Past Simple regular verbs . What did you do last week? (discussion). Conversational game:’What did you do last summer?’

10.10.2018 ’Days of the week, months, numbers game’.
Past simple (regular and irregular). Lifetime events. 'Lifetime events'. Biographical data (talk).
Love story (listening). Past Simple common irregular verbs. Story chain retelling.

31.10.2018 Conversational game (teams): asking questions to find out about people’s lives.
Verbs and nouns: important events in life.
Past Simple (questions ). Interviewing your partner (talking practice). Game: ’Interview an American celebrity’.

07.11.2018 ’My lucky number’ (a warming-up conversational activity). Counting song. Asking for and giving measurements. A TV quiz show (listening). Questions with How+adjective. Roleplay:A TV quiz show.
Asking for things and giving a response. Quiz:’How polite are you?’ Everyday requests. Permission and requests. Roleplay: Making requests.

21.11.2018 Talking about food you like. Countable and uncountable nouns. Expressions of quantity.
’What is your favourite restaurant? Why? (conversation). Describing restaurants (adjectives). Famous American restaurants (talk). Roleplay:’Let’s eat out’
Traditional American food (conversation). Thanksgiving day celebration (discussion). Traditional American Thanksgiving  dishes competition.

05.12.2018  Talking about future plans. Verbs / nouns describing changes in life. Reading: Stress free. Grammar: Going to do for future plans. Conversational activity: Talking about your future plans.
Conversational game: ’ I’m going to eat out’.
Ordering food and drink in a restaurant. Restaurant vocabulary.
Listening: Ordering in a restaurant.
Grammar: Would like / like, would prefer/ prefer. Roleplay: ’In a restaurant’

19.12.2018  Conversational game: ’What are your plans?’
Grammar: Will for predictions. Will for promises.
Discussing  predictions for the year 2019. Future plans.
Conversational game: ’My New Year Resolutions’
Christmas, New Year (talk). Christmas and New Year traditions in America. Christmas vocabulary. Poetry contest (game).
American traditional Christmas dishes contest.

16.01.2019 Asking and giving directions. Parts of a public building; American English.
A hotel guest asks directions. Prepositions of movement. Roleplay: Giving directions to a visitor.
Vocabulary: Hotel words
Booking a room vocabulary.
Converstional activity ’ I would like to book.....’

30.01.2019 Comparing places in Estonia (talk). Adgectives to describe places. Comparatives.
Famous places in America.
Discussion:’Choosing a better place’
Conversational activity: ’The best place for me....’

20.02.2019 Conversational activity: Talking about movies. Types of films. Reading:’Favourite film’
Grammar: Say and tell.
Get talking and writing: Describe and review your favourite film.

06.03.2019 Conversational activity: Asking people about their practical experience. Practical activities vocabulary.
Grammar:Present Perfect Simple for experience.

20.03.2019 Can you live without your phone? (discussion). Modern gadgets (talk).
Telephones (vocabulary). Taking and leaving messages. Listening: A phone conversation. Conversational activity: Telephoning. Leaving a message.

03.04.2019  Conversational activity:Describing jobs. Activities at work (vocabulary)
Grammar:Have to do / Don’t have to do.
’ Very different jobs’ (discussion).
Communicational activity: Making excuses. Parts of the body; illnesses.Listening: A conversation on the phone. Making and accepting apologies.

17.04.2019  Effective communication and social etiquette (talk). Giving advice to visitors (vocabulary).
Listening: Advice to Japanese business people visiting the USA.
Grammar: Should for advice
Conversational activity: Giving advice to foreign visitors.

08.05.2019  Conversational activity: Making suggestions for social arrangements. Money verbs (vocabulary) Listening: A meeting with a party organiser. Suggestions. Roleplay: Planning a party.
’What can you say about our American Club? (discussion with the American Club members (suggestions)). Farewell party. ‘My favourite American dessert’ contest.


Narva American Space was opened on 24th March in 2004, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy.
The American Space program in Narva is a unique partnership between the American Embassy and making information about the United States available to visitors. The Embassy stocks a dedicated area of the host library with print and audio-visual materials about the United States as well as audio-visual and computer equipment. The library provides coordinator to oversee this collection and to organize events to learn about the U.S. and the world.
Corner attracts users through programs and activities that include lectures, film showings, exhibits, conferences, seminars, workshops, discussion clubs, English-language classes, TOEFL tests, holiday celebrations, and more.
The collection includes reference books, works of fiction, government publications, CD-ROMs and video collection of documentaries and classic American films. American Corner also provides computers with guided Internet access, as well as audio and video materials and CD-ROMs.

The library also receives a grant for furniture and equipment, including computers with Internet access, a printer, copier, TV, a DVD player, iPad and e-readers.

Welcome to American corner’s English club to improve your better communications skills.


See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud.

American Spaces in Estonia

Viljandi Linnaraamatukogu
Tallinna mnt. 11/1
71012 Viljandi
Telefon: 43 38682

Saare Maakonna Keskraamatukogu
Tallinna 6
93813 Kuressaare
Telefon: 45 20 727
Email: skr[@]

Tartu Ülikooli Raamatukogu
Struve 1-355
50091 Tartu
Telefon: 737-5714
Fax: 7375 701
Email: greete.palksaar[@]

Ameerika Nurk Tallinna Tehnikaülikoolis
MEKTORY maja Raja

: +372 620 3543
: +372 620 3546


Jekaterina Moisejeva  (Ameerika keskuse koordinaator)
Email: See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud.

52676598 408679329892066 2507345196656623616 nNarva Central Library American Space and the U.S. Embassy film series.
Walt Disney’s “Tangled” (2010, 100 minutes).
Saturday, April 20, at 12:00 PM at Narva Central Library (Malmi 8).

Charming thief Flynn travels through life with ease, just because he is handsome, talkative and lucky. Fortune seemed to be always on his side until one day when he chooses a tall tower in a thick forest as a refuge. Flynn ends up bound by a young beauty named Rapunzel.

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51033644 395458127880853 6611146526263607296 nAgainst the backdrop of the picturesque expanses of Wyoming unfolds the story of a complicated relationship between two young men — a ranch assistant and a rodeo cowboy. The protagonists meet by accident and soon realize that they cannot live without each other. The fate, however, is stubborn in testing the strength of their relationship.


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47379697 363090987784234 8642253555727597568 nScene: New York. An ordinary situation: three fashion models are hunting for millionaires to marry. The girls rent a luxury apartment in a fancy neighborhood and begin to implement their plans. However, three months go by; all the apartment furniture is sold and there are no prospective candidates in sight. The stakes are high and two girls are have a dilemma on their hands: choose money or love? Everything seems to be going well for the third girl, but is it really?

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