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pinoccioNarva Central Library American Space and the U.S. Embassy film series.
Walt Disney’s “Pinocchio” (1940, 88 minutes)
Saturday, May 19, at 11:00 AM at Narva Central Library (Malmi 8).

The Blue Fairy brings a puppet doll to life, but in order to become a real boy, Pinocchio has to prove himself brave, truthful, and unselfish by doing good deeds. And so, the long-nosed marionette and Jiminy Cricket, who is assigned to be Pinocchio’s conscience, venture out towards their most incredible adventures.

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poster“The Sound of Music” by Robert Wise (1965, 174 minutes).
Monday, May 7, at 5:00 PM at Narva Central Library (Malmi 8).

The scene: Austrian Salzburg on the eve of World War II. A young girl named Maria, an orphan, finds shelter in an abbey and is about to become a nun. This is a difficult task due to her love of life, and the Mother Abbess realizes that this way of life does not suit her young novice.

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2004. aasta märtsis avati Narva Keskraamatukogus ja Viljandi Linnaraamatukogus ning 13. aprillil 2005. a. Kuressares Saare Maakonna Keskraamatukogus Ameerika teabepunktid. See projekt hõlmas umbes kolmekümne tuhande USA dollari suurust investeeringut neisse raamatukogudesse ja tihedat koostööd nende raamatukogude töötajate ja Ameerika Ühendriikide Suursaatkonna infokeskuse vahel.

Saatkond on Ameerika teabepunktidele muretsenud umbes viiesajast raamatust koosneva kogu, mis sisaldab nii teatmeteoseid, ilukirjandust ning ameerika kultuuri ja ajalugu tutvustavaid raamatuid. Alates Ameerika teabepunktide avamisest on raamatukollektsioon kasvanud umbes 900-le.

Teabepunktidele on tellitud ka ameerika ajakirju ja hangitud ameerika filmiklassikat ja ameerika muusikat tutvustavaid videoid ja DVD-sid. Ameerika teabepunktides korraldatakse regulaarselt ka erinevaid üritusi, loenguid, konverentse, koolitusi, ôpitubasid, näitusi ning kohtumisi ameerika diplomaatidega. 25-ndal jaanuaril 2011 avati Eestis neljas Ameerika nurk, mis jagab oma ruume Tartu Ülikooli Raamatukogus juba 20 aastat tegutseva Pôhja-Ameerika Ülikoolide Teabekeskusega. Tartu Ameerika nurka on finantseerinud USA saatkonna Avalike Suhete Osakond.

Narva American Space was opened on 24th March in 2004, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy.
The American Space program in Narva is a unique partnership between the American Embassy and making information about the United States available to visitors. The Embassy stocks a dedicated area of the host library with print and audio-visual materials about the United States as well as audio-visual and computer equipment. The library provides coordinator to oversee this collection and to organize events to learn about the U.S. and the world.
Corner attracts users through programs and activities that include lectures, film showings, exhibits, conferences, seminars, workshops, discussion clubs, English-language classes, TOEFL tests, holiday celebrations, and more.
The collection includes reference books, works of fiction, government publications, CD-ROMs and video collection of documentaries and classic American films. American Corner also provides computers with guided Internet access, as well as audio and video materials and CD-ROMs.

The library also receives a grant for furniture and equipment, including computers with Internet access, a printer, copier, TV, a DVD player, iPad and e-readers.

Welcome to American corner’s English club to improve your better communications skills.

Raamatukoguürituste päevik
American Club

American Club 2013-2014 Program (PDF)

Sessions 2014: 24.10, 31.10, 7.11, 21.11, 5.12, 19.12;

Sessions 2015: 16.01, 30.01, 6.02, 20.02, 6.03, 20.03, 10.04, 24.04, 8.05, 15.05;

Season 2016: 28.09, 12.10, 19.10, 9.11, 23.11, 7.12;

Season 2017: 11.01, 25.01, 08.02, 22.02, 15.03, 29.03, 5.04, 19.04, 03.05;

Season 2018: 10.01, 24.01, 07.02, 21.02;

AMERICAN CLUB 2016 - 2017



28.09.16 “What did you do last summer? Did you enjoy your holiday? Why? Why not? What was the weather like?” (discussion, conversation). Past Simple. Irregular verbs. Numbers around us (revising, listening).

12.10.16 “I feel happy if….. / I feel worried if “ (conversational game). Ritz. Quiz. Have and have got. 'Food for thought'. Some /any / much / many / a lot of.

19.10.16 Places (vocabulary). Hotel services and facilities (vocabulary) ‘Hotel presentation’ game. 'Food for thought'. Diets and health (discussion). My typical diet (conversation).

09.11.16 'A nice place to work' (talking about obligation). Clothes (American and British words). Present and past obligation with have / had to. “All my have - tos’’ (conversational game).

23.11.16 'Mumbai soap'. Future predictions with will / won't (conversation). 'Camden market'. Adjectives for places and objects; transport. Superlatives. 'The best place for me' (describing places, conversations)

07.12.16 Travelling. Transport. I prefer travelling by… (conversation). Checking in at an airport (role-play).'On the move'. Present perfect with so far / already / yet. Preparing to travel (conversation).

11.01.17 ‘New Year’s traditions and celebration in my country’ vocabulary(review). Past simple (review). ‘My last New Year’s celebration’ (conversations). Talking about future plans. The future with ‘be going to’. The future with future simple. ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ vocabulary. ‘My New Year’s Resolutions’(conversations). Future predictions with will won’t. ‘Mumbai soap’ (predictions)

25.01.17 Small talk (types of weather vocabulary review). Places in and around the city vocabulary review. ‘My favourite places in town’ (conversations). ‘The message behind the ad’. Adjectives to describe advertised products review. First conditional (if + present simple +will). Talking about future possibility (conversations). Describing past events in stories. Past simple and past continuous. The story of Grace. Telling stories (chain game). 

08.02.17 Past Simple and Past Continuous (revision). Regular and irregular verbs (revision).Describing past events in stories . The story of Grace (retelling). Famous love stories :’Romeo and Juliet’ (retelling).
Types of films (vocabulary revision). ‘It was so funny’. Emphasising feelings and opinions. Adjectives and their opposites. Reading: A cartoon. So + adjective / such + noun. Special experiences (dialogues in pairs).

22.02.17 Talking about career preferences. Jobs (vocabulary revision). Like + - ing and would like + infinitive with to. An unusual job. Asking questions. Regular activities, verb + noun combinations. Subject and non-subject questions, present simple. Home routines.

15.03.17 Australian barbecue. Planned and spontaneous decisions. Food (vocabulary revision). Talking about the future with going to and will (revision). Planning a meal (conversation). ‘How rude!’ Table manners vocabulary. Asking for , giving and refusing permission. Questionnaire on manners. Making and responding to requests (conversation). Problem solving. Suggesting solutions to problems. Nouns and verbs, word building.  Making and responding to suggestions (conversation).

29.03.17 Made in the USA. Describing the origines of products. Materials and possessions. Present simple passive. Describing objects. ‘The art of crime’ Describing a crime. Crime (vocabulary). Theft of the Mona Lisa. Past simple passive. Discussing a famous crime.

05.04.17 Smart agreements. Expressing obligation and prohibition. Verb +noun combinations. Pre-nuptial agreements. Have to / don’t have to / mustn’t. Making a smart agreement ( conversational game).Irritating illnesses. Describing how you feel. Medical symptoms, the body (vocabulary). Body parts (vocabulary revision).Adjectives ending in – ed and – ing. A visit to the doctor (dialogue with a partner).

19.04.17 Changing rooms. Talking about changes you can see. Furniture and fittings (vocabulary). Parts of the house (vocabulary). Present Perfect to describe present result. Identifying and describing  changes (conversation). Green card. Talking about immigration. Applying for a green card. Present perfect with for / since. An immigration interview (conversational game).

03.05.17 What would you do for love? Talking about imaginary situations (1). Verbs and their opposites. Would + infinitive (without to). Questionnaire on ‘What would you do?’  Zero and first conditionals revision (conversations). Celebrate. Talking about imaginary situations (2). Parties. Reading: It’s party time. Second conditional (if +past simple + would / could). Conversations .


Malmi 8, 20308 Narva

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